Please let us know if you’re interested in volunteering or chairing a committee.

Family Selection

Chairs — Leslie O’Neil and Laurie Kallenbach

The Family Selection committee takes on the task of selecting the families who will become partners with Lawrence Habitat. Public meetings are held and applications accepted approximately twice per year. Subsequently, the members of the committee collect confidential information, make home visits, and determine whether the applicants are qualified.

Family Support

Chair — Julie Krische

The Family Support committee helps selected partner families on the path to homeownership. The committee makes sure that families understand and meet their partnership responsibilities, including sweat equity. Committee members also advocate on the family member’s behalf and also provide mentoring and education. This committee plays a vital role in helping partner families succeed.

Construction & Site Selection

Chair, Construction – Steve Lane.  Chair, Land Acquisition – Steve Berger

The Construction & Site Selection Committee supports the construction effort. Members of the committee include people familiar with residential construction, architects, and current or retired construction professionals. This committee also addresses the very substantial task of finding build sites that are suitable for low-cost housing. Members of this group will also help educate partner families about construction and home maintenance.


Chair — TBD

This Committee provides guidance and support for the management of the Lawrence Habitat for Humanity ReStore.


Chair — Marilyn Harp

Building up to six houses per year requires very careful attention to the details of managing a large budget. This committee oversees that budget, including all disbursements and income. Each member, including the treasurer of the Lawrence Habitat, is committed to working regularly to keep records up-to-date and to keeping the board informed regarding the financial status of Lawrence Habitat.

Resource Development

Please contact Dir. of Resource Development, John Harvey

The Resource Development committee makes sure that Lawrence Habitat for Humanity has all the resources it needs to support its work and meet its goals. This committee is not simply focused on getting financial donations. It is also about special event planning, fundraising events, etc. Members must also be aware of opportunities to get donations to the Re-Store, gifts in kind, land donations and even people willing to give their time. 

Faith Engagement

Chair — Ron King

Over a dozen churches are on the Habitat Covenant Church roster, and they have been the bedrock of Lawrence Habitat’s support. The Faith Engagement committee does exactly that — engages faith communities in Habitat’s ministry. Committee members will reach out to places of worship, share Habitat’s mission and nurture ongoing relationships.

Please let us know if you’d like to get your place of worship on our list of Covenant Churches.

Women Build

Chair — Cynthia Eubanks

Women Build is Habitat’s volunteer program for women who want to learn construction skills and make a difference by building homes and communities. This committee funds and builds a Habitat home every year. The Women Build program helps Lawrence Habitat and other affiliates build more homes by encouraging women to participate in fundraising, construction, and completion of homes. A sub-committee of this group is the Women Build Luncheon committee.