• Lawrence Habitat hires director of resource development!

    Posted on June 19, 2014 by in Community, Connect with Habitat., Habitat for Humanity, Habitat Happenings, Staff

    Lawrence Habitat would like to introduce our newest staff member: John Harvey.IMG_4994       john1

    John is joining the team as Director of Resource Development. He is the guy who is going to help us raise money so that we can continue to build safe, decent and affordable homes in Douglas & Jefferson counties.

    How is he going to do this? Well, he says he knows a couple of tricks that he learned in his 14 year of experience as Executive Director at Kansas City based nonprofit City Vision – an organization that focused on urban development in Kansas City, KS neighborhoods that was founded by three ministers from Hillview Church of God.

    John was one of those ministers. City Vision needed leadership, and John was there to see it through.

    It is this bank of experiences, perspective and enthusiasm for building communities that makes John such a great asset for Lawrence Habitat. He is already fitting in with the small, yet close knit, team of staff here.

    When John isn’t taking long walks on the beach (as in the river bank) with his wife and pug dog, Minnie, John is busy gardening, grilling (he claims to grill a mean salmon and bratwurst…that is yet to be confirmed), and traveling to various hiking trails and other scenic locations.

    Most notable in John’s many hobbies is his long-time dedication to the fine art of bird watching. Ask him about it – I will neither deny nor confirm that he has a “bird list” naming all the birds he has seen with the date, place and “circumstance” that he saw said bird(s).

    John is father to three – A son, Yarrow (named after a KS wildflower…yes, John admits he was a hippy), and two adopted daughters, HaiSong and Elyse. From his namesakes he has 4 grandchildren, with the fifth on its way.

    We are all looking forward to working with John, and we are excited for you to meet him for yourself. And don’t worry, he is a KU Basketball fan.

    You can contact John by clicking here.

    You can see the press release here.


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