• Meet our 87th homeowners, the Henshaw family!

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    Lawrence Habitat is pleased to introduce you to our 87th homeowners:

    Lee Henshaw & his daughter, Brittany.


    Read more about Lee and Brittany below

    This home is our 2015 Banker Build! This means that local area banks have come together in partnership to help sponsor and build our 87th home.

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    Lee Henshaw has partnered with Lawrence Habitat to be our 87th homeowner and help build and maintain a three bedroom home. As a single father, Lee is grateful to be able to provide a real home for his 14 year old daughter Brittany.
    While originally from Fort Worth, TX, Lee has been a resident of Lawrence since 2002 and a resident in the state of Kansas since 1999. “Lawrence is so nice,” said Lee when he sat down for our interview. “I can’t see myself living anywhere else.” Soon, Lee will have a permanent residence in the town he loves – a home he will have helped build alongside volunteers, donors and other Habitat homeowners.
     “I’m nervous and excited to build – I know the skills I learn on the build site will be helpful and I can use them on my own home in the future,” Lee said. While his daughter is still two years shy of being able to work on the build site, she is just as excited for construction to start since she will be able to help with painting the inside of the home. “She is most concerned with her room – she’s still not sure what color she wants yet,” Lee commented. 
    The Henshaws found out that they were selected right after Brittany’s birthday…a very important birthday, in fact, since she is now old enough to have her drivers permit. “She is learning to drive stick, and she is getting the hang of it!” Lee reported with what was definitely a hint of pride in his voice. He was even more proud to share, though, that Brittany is in the top percentage of her class, has nothing but good remarks from her teachers, is a great cook (reportedly, she makes a mean chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes), and loves to swim and play basketball. This new home will give Brittany a safe, stable environment where she can continue to make her father proud.
    When he isn’t busy being a father, Lee enjoys going out to the Flying Field at Clinton Lake to fly his RC Helicopters and planes. Once his house is complete, he hopes to have a canine companion join him on these outings, too. “We are going to get a dog, and I am going to make sure to train it really well,” Lee said. “Brittany wants to get a cat, too.” These two future pets will be joining the already existing Henshaw pet, Snowflake, Brittany’s rabbit.
    All these things the Henshaws hope to do, paint a bedroom the color you want, have pets, make dinner in the same kitchen every night, feel safe and secure in your space, are things one can do when they own a safe, decent and affordable home. “It’s going to be my own,” Lee said of his future house. “It is my space, I can park in my driveway, it is my own.”

    Join us for the Henshaw’s Nail Drive Ceremony at 9am on Saturday, March 21st at 1816 E. 17th Street

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