Aging in Place

Helping seniors remain in their homes safely & independently by providing home repair for seniors who are financially and/or physically unable to make the changes on their own.


  • Be 55+ years old
  • Own & reside in the home
  • Live in Douglas or Jefferson County
  • Have income less than 80% of the median family income (MFI)
    • Total combined income for all adults living in the home


  • Materials only  (on average, homeowners are paying less than 45% of the materials)
  • Sliding scale based on HUD income levels (homeowners are paying 20%-80% of materials, based on income)
  • Interest-free payment plan
  • 5 Hours of sweat/social equity
    • sweat equity includes greeting volunteers, sharing their experience, helping in the neighborhood, writing thank you notes, etc.


  • Ramps
  • Handrails
  • Trip/fall hazards
  • Porch repair
  • Gutter/soffit repair
  • Siding repair
  • Exterior house painting
  • Roof work
  • Interior accessibility

Projects are selected based on need, willingness of the homeowner to partner and Habitat’s ability to complete the repair.

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Erin Schmidt
Aging in Place Coordinator
785-832-0777 x301




“We want to thank you for the marvelous work you did in providing us with handrails in our yard. For several years now we haven’t used our front door because the outside stairs were steep, and we had no handrails. Instead, we had to go downstairs and through the garage to get to the front yard. Also, we had friends who couldn’t negotiate the stairs; we had to let them in through the garage…Now all that has changed! We come in and go out through the front door with pleasure. The handrails you put in are both firm and elegant…We had been worried that we might have to move to an apartment or nursing home. Now that worry is gone; we feel that we will be able to stay here, where we want to be.”

“When I bought my house 36 years ago, I gave no thought of railing for all my stairs. Now, being 68, I LOVE railings.”

Aging in Place Homeowner Testimonial

“I was recently diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. Slips & falls are a potentially life-changing event. A bone fracture could possibly affect my ability to remain in my home. Problems that could threaten my safety were identified & fixed. Two broken handrails & steps were repaired & rebuilt. A water diverter was installed on the front porch roof. Now thawing snow will not drip on the steps and freeze.”

“The work done on the outside increased the longevity of our home so we can stay here longer! And since our income took a major hit when I was forced into retirement due to a budget shortfall, the fact that we saved some money was a tremendous help!”


“I wanted to thank you for your calls and emails during this quarantine time. It was appreciated and I found the information helpful. It is reassuring to know that the seniors of Lawrence have this resource during such a difficult time.”

“During the shelter in place restrictions, Erin contacted me and other seniors every other week by phone and sent out numerous emails detailing various resources for food and other needs. Many seniors were cut off from in person visits with their friends and family members out of an abundance of caution. Many were also afraid of entering stores to do their own shopping. Erin shared resources that are available to lend a helping hand and sent out ideas to keep our minds active and our spirits up. She goes out of her way to check in on everyone, ask the right questions, and to listen.”